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What is "Masa"?

Some have heard the word, but do not know what it is. Others have guessed that there is such a program. Others are actively gathering information on how to get there. Representatives from Tel-Ran helped us put everything in order.

masa israel

"Masa" is a state educational program supported by the Jewish Agency for Israel "Sokhnut". The program allows you to visit Israel, get acquainted with the country, gain new knowledge and impressions. If you wish, you can repatriate after Masa and become a full-fledged citizen of Israel.

Who is it for?

For young people between the ages of 18 and 30+ who have Jewish roots and fall under the Law of Return. For those who want to get to know Israel. For those who want to learn something new, to undertake an international internship abroad, to acquire an internationally sought-after specialty, to lay a solid foundation for their career.

There are different "MASA" programs, everyone will find something to their taste, but we will talk about one, perhaps the most popular and promising — the "Hi-Tech" program.


The Tel-Run EC is directly related to it because it's where the main part of the training takes place. The program lasts from 4 to 8 months, and all this time the participants are thoughtfully mastering programming, studying its most advanced and popular directions: Java and WEB programming, developing mobile applications for Android and iOS.

What language is the course in?

The language of study is Russian, but all students also take Hebrew lessons. In addition, our partners in the program, Israel Experience, organize trips for students all over the country, to the most important and significant places in Israel. The students attend great events and meetings, talk to people from different cultures, and simply have a great time - because they live on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


But back to the learning process. It closes with a responsible and exciting event - the defense of one's own projects. It takes place in front of real industry professionals and representatives of Hi-Tech companies, who often invite yesterday's students for internships with subsequent employment. After the defense, everyone decides what he/she wants more: to stay in the country and get a great job after the internship or to return home and become a sought-after specialist there.

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What other internship options are available after the course?

There are many options, "Tel-Ran" cooperates with large companies in the field of programming, for example, there is an option of internship at HP - it already goes as “after Masa". The big advantage of this option is that after the internship, the company signs a one-year job contract. It turns out you already have the job in your pocket!

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What else is interesting?

For example, the "Startup" program, in the framework of which there is an opportunity to develop and elaborate your startup. Students are supported at all stages of the project's formation: from drawing up a business plan and marketing strategy to legal support. In addition, students receive a unique practice of startup projects and the possibility of their real launch. In summary, we can say that the program "Masa" - this is, firstly, an unforgettable time in Israel, secondly, an excellent opportunity to get an education and, thirdly, the opportunity to really assess their prospects for future repatriation!

To enroll in the program - contact the coordinator Maria on +972 52 6048471 or e-mail:

We wish everyone good luck and success in their chosen field of study!


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