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QA Automation Testing

Do you want to master a popular specialty in a short period of time and enter the IT world? Take licensed QA AUTOMATION TESTING courses and become a high-quality software tester!​

Lectures + Webinars

Classes are held in the evening, twice a week. Webinars are also held to practice the material.
Classes are held to choose from: both offline and online.

Maximum practice

From the first weeks you will begin to write code, and throughout the course you will perform many intermediate tasks, some of which you will add to your resume.


After completing the full course, you can take part in an internship in a real project, pump over teamwork skills and, of course, enrich your resume.

For some categories of citizens (new immigrants, soldiers, unemployed, etc.) there is the possibility of receiving subsidies from the Ministries and Departments for training in our training center.

QA Automation Testing Tel-Ran
QA Automation Testing
Nearest Course Dates

Software Testing

392 ac hours, in person



Tuesday and Friday*

≈11 month



Sunday and Wednesday*

Admission Conditions:
  1. basic English,

  2. basic Hebrew,

  3. confident PC user.

* - week days for full-time classes are indicated. Webinar days are assigned separately.

Full cost


1.229/per month*

* - the cost can be broken into up to 10 payments. Payments can be made in cash, checks, cards and bank transfers.

Our classes usually take place in the evenings from 18-00 to 21-00.

Classes on Fridays take place in the morning, from 09-00 to 12-00.


After the QA Testing Automation course, you will become a demanded specialist in less than 1 year!

About 1,000 * testers are already needed by the Israeli labor market.
₪ 15.000 - average salary of a novice specialist (experience up to 2 years).
11 months - a full professional course lasts, allowing you to start employment immediately after graduation

* - the number of vacancies by profession: QA Automation Engineer and QA Tester.


Choose your city of interest:

By clicking "Want to Sign Up", you agree to us processing your information in accordance with these terms.


For all students who have successfully completed * a full professional course QA Automation Testing, we help in the employment process.

We organize both private consultations and group workshops in which we help with:

  • resume writing

  • recommendations

  • interview preparation

  • analysis of technical interviews.

30+ years of successful work with novice IT specialists and the unique experience of passing interviews by our graduates give us a unique set of knowledge and competencies that we will transfer to you.

* - attending classes (at least 80%), completing homework (more than 90%), passing and actively participating in an internship after a training course

In less than a year you will take a comprehensive course, which includes:

  • BASIC PROGRAMMING (80 hours) for acquaintance with the basics of programming;

  • Java programming language course (100 hours) — necessary for a modern tester;

  • a specialty training program (180 hours) providing theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as programming skills of automatic testing tools;

  • a course of structured SQL queries and working with databases (32 hours);

  • BONUS: course "IT English" designed to expand and enrich the professional vocabulary of the tester (35 hours).

The course “Testing (quality control) of computer programs (QA)” of the Tel-Ran EC is licensed by the Ministry of Labor, which is a recognized mark of quality and reliability.

As part of the course, it is possible to pass an exam for ISTQB— the international standard for software testing.


About the profession.

Testers are specialists who try out the latest versions of programs. Putting themselves in the role of a regular user, they:

  • explore sites and applications;

  • write scripts to find defects;

  • even play games.

This is necessary in order to find errors. When errors are detected, testers write a report that allows programmers to make adjustments. Thus, software quality control is carried out.

A tester is not only an interesting, but also an extremely popular profession. Having passed our courses and internship, you can immediately start working in the IT field without any additional training. The most important thing is your desire to learn!

Master a new profession that allows you to quickly enter the world of high technology

with the course "QA Automation Testing"!

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