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One of the main missions of our educational center is employment of our students, and the first step towards this goal is maximum preparation for the interview. In the interview itself, the student, with all his knowledge, skills and foreign languages, is left alone with the future employer.


Successful employment is impossible without students fulfilling certain conditions, such as:

  • attending classes (at least 80%),

  • homework (more than 90%),

  • passing and actively participating in the internship after the course (provided by the educational center).

Salaries in Israel

(thousand shekels/month).



On completing the training course and internship, each student is provided with a group and an individual consultation on how to prepare a resume as well as for an interview/test tasks. It is important to accurately follow all these recommendations, as they are based on our and our graduates’ vast experience.

More than 400 students study at the departments of the training center annually, which gives us information about a considerable number of interviews.


Our graduates are employed by such companies as:

Israel Companies Tel-Ran

In order to ensure the future employment of our students, we are constantly expanding our partner network, and now there are a number of companies that turn to us first when looking for a candidate for a particular position.

Real Projects

Israel Project Tel-Ran Courses

An online platform that helps new immigrants and MASA members quickly integrate into the cultural environment of Israel, get acquainted with the Jewish tradition, find a family or a group of friends to celebrate Shabbat and other Jewish holidays.

Israel Project Tel-Ran Courses

An online car rental platform that allows you to quickly and easily lease and rent cars to individuals. This reliable car search and booking tool makes it possible to choose the best car according to the rating, price and geolocation convenience.

Israel Project Tel-Ran Courses

An assistant application for professionals working on an hourly basis (teachers, consultants, psychotherapists). It helps to track the number of working hours, set a rate, as well as take into account time, travel expenses, etc.

Israel Project Tel-Ran Courses

A rental and purchase/sale of real estate (apartments, houses) service. The service includes both short and long term leases; guarantees secure booking, wide selection and ease of use for customers.

Israel Project Tel-Ran Courses

A social network of mutual assistance for car drivers. It allows you to send a distress signal in the event of an accident or any breakdown, indicates the type of damage that has been suffered and call a tow truck. The social network operates thanks to the community members who, if possible, come to the rescue.

Israel Project Tel-Ran Courses

A job search service in the IT sector. It helps an employer quickly select qualified and verified personnel, and a job seeker to find a suitable position in a short period of time. The service involves verification of skills and the ability to make the resume of an applicant partially anonymous.

We will try to help you with your internship and employment even if you are not a graduate of the courses of the Tel-Ran educational center, provided you are a specialist in the field of HI-TECH. Send your CV to

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