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Basic Programming

Do stories about the geniuses of Silicon Valley evoke an envious sigh and the thought that such success is unattainable for ordinary mortals?

Our training center offers you to take courses in Israel and break this stereotype! BASIC PROGRAMMING proves that everything is in your hands!



The course gives you an idea of the basics of programming and what it really is. The main objective of the course is to allow you to assess your prospects and chances of success in the Hi-Tech world and to understand whether a programmer’s specialty is suitable for you.

Basic Programming
Nearest Course Dates

Software development

80 ac hours, in person



Sunday and Wednesday*

≈ 2,5 months



Monday and Thursday*

Admission Conditions:
  1. basic English,

  2. basic Hebrew,

  3. confident PC user.

* - week days for full-time classes are indicated. Webinar days are assigned separately.

Full cost


980/per month*

* - the cost can be broken into up to 5 payments. Payments can be made in cash, checks, cards and bank transfers.

Choose your city of interest:

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Thus, programming courses for beginners are suitable even for those who do not have knowledge in this field, but who seek to gain it! Having learned the field from the inside, the graduate of the course will be able to make a choice regarding which of the areas of programming he wants to develop professionally in the future.

What does “BASIC PROGRAMMING” do for you?​

BASIC PROGRAMMING courses in Israel allow you to master the basics of programming in just 2.5 months. During this period, you will:

  • learn the basics of Java or C, the Eclipse IDE;

  • learn to write quite complex programs in these languages;

  • become familiar with the algorithms and data structure;

  • acquire a basic understanding of object-oriented programming;

  • learn to find solutions to logical problems.


The profession of a programmer means career success, relevance, high constant income and the possibility of creative self-realization. Get to know this fascinating world! The Tel-Ran Training Center Courses mean Affordable and Exciting Programming for Beginners!

Test your programming skills and pump up your brain with the course “Basic Programming”!


Мы предлагаем вам воспользоваться новым сервисом на нашем сайте — бесплатной онлайн консультацией.


В рамках этой видео-консультации вы сможете узнать о состоянии и особенностях рынка труда в Израиле, сумеете оценить свои возможности и перспективы в рамках профессиональной переподготовки и уточнить все интересующие вас детали по данной теме.

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