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Intensive communication course
Hebrew [online]
Hebrew &
job interview
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Who is this course for?

Course for those who:

  • is on the way to employment in a new IT profession;

  • has a basic level of the language, but does not apply in life;

  • wants to improve their self-presentation skills in Hebrew;

  • has difficulty understanding the language by ear;

  • preparing for an interview in Hebrew.

The aims and objectives of the course are to teach students:
  1. Understand texts and sentences in Hebrew, primarily by ear (listening).

  2. Synchronize visual and auditory types of perception of information in Hebrew.

  3. The basics of Hebrew grammar (parts of speech and sentence members and use it correctly for listening, speaking and writing).

  4. Compose phrases in Hebrew according to the rules of grammar and pronunciation.

  5. To systematize existing and newly acquired knowledge and apply them in achieving everyday and career goals (passing interviews, communicating in a foreign language environment, solving various problems and problems in Hebrew).

  6. Learn to understand the essence of the questions asked during communication in Hebrew and answer them.

What will we study?
  1. Verb conjugation rules (tense and person) and skill development.

  2. Rules for the use of prepositions and skill development

  3. Semantic and auxiliary verbs.

  4. Detailed answers to open questions

  5. Parts of speech.

  6. Compilation of questions and answers (short and detailed).

  1. A story about yourself (for interviews and self-presentation).

  2. Job interview examples and analysis. 

  3. Listening to develop listening comprehension of the language

  4. Texts on different topics - for the ability to navigate in texts with unfamiliar words, to capture the general meaning (main idea) and answer questions about the text (or topic in a conversation).

The course is aimed at overcoming the language barrier and the maximum use of all the acquired knowledge for communication, receiving and processing information, as well as responding and the ability to conduct a dialogue in Hebrew.

 Course author
2023-02-16 16.56.23.jpg

Evgeny Treiberman

Hebrew teacher with a license from the Ministry of Education with 10 years of experience. He speaks Hebrew at the native levelO. Author of an educational telegram channel and presenter of lectures on Jewish culture and Hebrew.


Start: 16.04.2023*
Day/time: Sun, Wed from 19:00 to 20:35
Duration: 22 ac. hours  — 11 lessons

Group: up to 15 people
Cost: 900 NIS (500 for our students)

Online classes: Remote conferencing software will be used by Zoom Video Communications( Please set up in advance and use your names.

* – The start date and days of classes are given for guidance, the exact schedule of classes will be determined taking into account the schedule of current classes of enrolled students.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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