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Employment in the IT sector in Israel. Part one.

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The IT sector in Israel is so important that it takes up about 40% of the country's total economy. That is why there are so many rumors about work in this field. For example, it is believed that IT specialists receive incredibly high salaries. Moreover many still think that only fluent Hebrew and English speakers can work in this field, and they make up stories about unavailability of vacancies. Since nobody told the truth about the job placement in IT, we decided to ask the head of Tel-Ran Educational Center, Igor Korol, for clarification.

Who is needed in IT, on what terms, and at what salary - now you'll know everything!


More than 300,000 people are currently employed in IT in Israel. This is the largest industry that continues to grow rapidly.

First of all, we found out from Igor what the most urgent jobs are.

Quite expectedly, the most in-demand were programmers. Except that there are different kinds of programmers. It turns out that these professionals differ in many ways, including the programming languages. The most common languages at the moment are Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift for IOS, C#, C++, PHP, etc. Programming knowledge can also be applied to several different areas, some of which are more common and for others job openings appear only from time to time. We have compiled for you a kind of rating of the demand for programmers in different areas with the basic information for applicants for such vacancies.

To be continued . . .


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