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History of Motivation and Achievements

Hello everyone, my name is Anna. For me, as probably for many, the classes in Tel-Ran were a gateway to a new life, and I would like to tell my story.

4 years ago my husband and I came to the country and dived into the world of repatriation difficulties: job, language, lack of friends and all sorts of help. We studied Hebrew intensively for the first 5 months, but by the time we finished our "basket" the language was still at the "shalom ma nishma" level. Ahead of us was the road to the unknown: our previous profession was not relevant in Israel, so we started working elsewhere.

However, there were guys from Tel-Ran studying at the Ulpan in Be'er Sheva, and I witnessed how quickly they found jobs and shared their successes with us. It was so exciting to watch each of them start to achieve something, go to interviews and start earning their first money.

Being inspired by their successes, I decided: I'm going to study! Then you know how it goes: consultations, documents, 12 signed checks. But in my head, of course, a lot of thoughts: what if I can't pay, what if I can't afford to study, besides I had to learn and work. My husband got a job at a factory, and I tried everything where I could work a half shift: a secretary at a clinic, a salesperson in a store, and even a "dream job" - cleaning! And then the corona pandemic started. Just imagine: we were in the country for 2 years, everyone around was scared, in the mornings I went to clean private houses, and in the evenings I wrote "automation" in Java. It was hard and sometimes I was filled with depressing thoughts about what I was doing in general and where I was - a person with a university degree. It was comforting to realize that it was an investment in myself, and just such a period - you just have to be patient! Just listen to what the "'seniors" are saying and learn!

As a result, I did not miss a single lesson (and I am very proud of it!), homework until late at night and flawless performance of tasks gave its first results. After 9 months of studying, my teacher invited me to a project, where I began to gain experience, and two months later I received information about a company, which urgently needed QA. Igor Korol helped me very quickly with the CV: I literally wrote to him in the morning, and by the afternoon my CV was ready and sent to the potential employer.

While I was waiting for the answer, we had a consultation on the job search and interview. There we were told what to expect in the hiring process: all the pitfalls, possible tricky questions, and competent answers. I highly recommend everyone to attend these classes and memorize everything. At first it seems wild and unlike what it was "before Israel", but it helps a lot during the interview with HR.

So, by the time I was invited to the interview, I was already "equipped" with knowledge and prepared answers. At all stages of the interview we were in touch with Igor, he supported me and calmed me down after each of my "dramas" (I kept thinking that I had said something wrong and wrong). And so the long-awaited "hoze" ("employment contract") came in hand, and again Igor helped - to understand the high Hebrew and to understand what it says and what they want from me 🙂 .

The new job turned my world upside down: Herzliya Pituach, normalized work hours and flexible hours, a great super cool team, paid weekends and holidays (and a long vacation!), Sheeshi/Shabbat weekends and cookies in the kitchen. And soon we left Be'er Sheva, moved to a new apartment in Rishon, and acquired a second vehicle.

Investing in myself for 10 months - and such a spurt "into a whole new life"! It is now the second year that I have been happily waking up in the morning and going to work. It's a different world! A totally different environment! Other opportunities! And I got all this when I walked through the doors of Tel-Ran.

All the knowledge I gained, and all the advice from my teachers is the foundation on which I am now building my life and my career.

Go for it and it will all work out! Believe in yourself and in the team at Tel-Ran!


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