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Frontend, Backend - what is it and what for?

So, we're in our favorite Facebook: a text post from a friend, a picture of a kitten, a form to submit comments, the ability to make a new post-all of this belongs to the FRONTEND part of the site. Everything in front of us, everything that we as users directly interact with.

If we talk about technology, the frontend refers primarily to the JavaScript programming language; the languages responsible for the correct appearance of the page (HTML, CSS), as well as countless libraries, frameworks and other tools.

Now let's understand BACKEND. It is responsible for working on a remote server and managing databases. If we go back to the Facebook example - it is the backend that has been responsible for keeping all of our comments and photos up to 8 years ago.

The backend is a kind of engine by which the entire service can operate, and this "engine" runs in programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, NodeJS environment, etc.

And what about our students? During the 14 months of the Full Stack Java development course they study both frontend and backend, which gives them a complete picture and deep understanding of the operation of any service.


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