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"Tel-Ran" is your guide to the world of IT.

Курсы в Израиле

In Israel, about 40% of the population is employed in the IT sphere. Therefore, this industry is one of the most promising at this time. At Tel-Ran Educational Center, repatriates are helped to get an education in hi-tech, get an internship, and find a proper job.

There is a widespread belief that without knowledge of Hebrew it is extremely difficult to get a qualified job. Yes, of course, speaking Hebrew will make it much easier for you to find a job, but don't think that without knowing the language all doors are closed to you. Many people, moving to Israel, initially begin to learn Hebrew and only then begin to look for qualified jobs. Learning the language often takes from 8 months to a year, and for some it may take several years. So we advise you to start looking for a job and learn Hebrew at the same time. Especially since Tel-Ran Educational Center has much more real-world practice than other institutions and provides real active help with internships and job searches for repatriates with a hi-tech background, even if you are not a graduate of our school.

At Tel-Run EC, we are always on the lookout for new trends and trends in IT. Course programs are always updated and changes are always made based on what is most popular and in demand in the market.

Also, in addition to all main courses in Educational Center "Tel-Ran" you can not only learn such areas as Java, QA Testing, courses on Web Programming, Android Programming, IOS Programming, etc. but also get considerable help in further training in real companies, without which employment is almost unreal. Each student always gets special attention and a personal approach. Therefore, starting your way in the IT-sphere, Tel-Ran EC can become a strong support and a reliable assistant for you.

The courses are held in the Israeli cities of Rehovot, just 20 kilometers from Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

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