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LinkedIn. Why is it important?

They say, when it comes to employment, you can't avoid Linkedin.

They say a Linkedin profile can be more effective than going to an HR agency.

Let's find out why do people say that.

Linkedin is a social network for professionals, a modern search tool for both employees and employers.

The more extensive your network of contacts and the more people connected to the IT industry are in it, the easier it will be for you to find a job.

Moreover, the job will find you: many programmers and testers progress up the career path without using any other resources (job sites or recruitment agencies) by organizing the process of finding a new job in the LinkedIn environment itself.

The second key to success is your profile. It is important to fill it out in a timely manner and in as much detail as possible:

📌 describe all current projects (don't forget to reflect all programming languages, frameworks, technologies, databases, operating systems you have worked with in your Linkedin profile as well as in your CV);

📌list all relevant experience and remove irrelevant ones so as not to confuse HR specialists;

📌 collect feedback from colleagues and employers: ask them to validate your skills and skills, tell you how comfortable and productive it is to work with you;

📌 mark diplomas and degrees obtained, advanced training courses taken.


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