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I can't make up my mind about my profession.

IT курсы израиль

Discovering a completely new area of knowledge, one can rarely be sure exactly how his future learning will "enter", what technology will be given more easily, what material will be absorbed more quickly. To ease the problem of choice, we have developed the following course structure. Both future testers and future programmers start their studies together, with the course "Basics of Programming". Thus, students have as much as 3 months to make a more informed choice of a future profession based on the experience of class and home classes, as well as feedback from teachers. I don't know anything, is that okay? This is all right. For those who already have a background in programming, we have several advanced courses. All newcomers, we invite you to the course "Basics of Programming". For example, based on the syntax of the C language, it is much easier for students starting from scratch to learn data types, loops, operations, and functions. The Basics course introduces students to both the C language and object-oriented programming as represented by the Java language.

The course "Basics of Programming" prepares the student for further, deeper study of the professions — programmer and QA automation specialist. Also, more generally, it helps to understand whether the field of IT is yours or not.


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