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Features of the Israel IT market.

At the moment Israel, despite the fact that it is quite a small country, is in second place in the world by the number of startups - after Silicon Valley by the Startup Genome survey, and in the Bloomberg rating of innovative states, Israel is in fifth place, ahead of the United States and Great Britain. Currently, almost every second startup acquired by U.S. companies comes from Israel. It is accepted that Israel's domestic market is small, while the experience, business skills and connections of Jews around the world are well known. This indicates a great trust in the IT market of this country, which has contributed to the emergence of an active and rather strong entrepreneurial environment in High Tech. Currently, there is an ever-increasing need for IT personnel.

More than 300 R&D companies are located in Israel: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Autodesk, Verint, Informatica, F5, SundaySky, Verigo, and others. This is facilitated by the quality of technical education in the country.

The abundance of R&D centers contributed to the creation of their own products. The IT market is not one-sided. On the one hand, there is an infinite number of small companies with 3-5 people and literally every idea registered by a startup that develops its prototype and tries to sell it to a larger organization or bring it to the market on its own. On the other hand, there are quite large giant companies with several thousand employees and more global tasks.

All of this is also facilitated by the support of the state of Israel. There is state support for investment in IT, the two main forms are early investment, which takes the form of a grant in exchange for a small share in the project, and state partnership with venture capital funds: when the state invests the same amount in the project as private investors.

For reference: in 2017, investment in Israeli Hi-Tech was $5.24 billion and 112 Israeli projects were acquired by foreign companies for a total of $23 billion. Hi-tech exports bring Israel about $25 billion a year.

Today Israel ranks first in the number of startup companies per capita, second in the world in startup ecosystem comfort, second in the world R&D ranking and third in innovation development, which suggests good prospects in the future career of job seekers in Israel.

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