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What to be studied: manual or automated testing?

qa testing курсы тестирование

They say that it is almost impossible to automate testing for 100%. And in fact, the human eye, subtly feeling harmony and beauty, able to assess the user-friendliness of the interface - can not be replaced by any program.

In addition, manual testing helps to quickly get a conclusion about the performance of the site, even if it has undergone major functional changes. Then why do we also cover automated testing (QA automation) in the course?

It's simple: a program written by a competent tester can generate a large number of hits to a resource in a short period of time, repeat the test the required number of times, and quickly examine even large services and applications. If we talk about employment prospects, such specialists are more in demand and earn higher salaries. So what to do?

The most effective work strategy is to stay in the golden mean and have skills in both manual and automated testing. We teach all these skills in our QA Automation course.


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