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Basic Programming

Stories about the geniuses of Silicon Valley cause an envious sigh and thoughts that such success is unattainable for mere mortals?

Our training center offers to take courses in Israel and break this stereotype! "BASIC PROGRAMMING" will prove: everything is in your hands!

Who will suit  BASIC PROGRAMMING course?

​ "BASIC PROGRAMMING" allows you to get an idea of the basics of programming and what it really is.

Basic Programming
Dates for upcoming courses


80 ac. hours in person



Sunday and Wednesday*

≈2.5 months

Course structure (download)



Sunday and Wednesday*

Acceptance conditions:
  1. basic English,

  2. basic Hebrew,

  3. confident PC user.

* - the days of the week for face-to-face classes are indicated.  The days of the webinars are scheduled separately.

Full cost


1.266 / per month*

For new immigrants 


1.266 / per month*

*- breakdown is possible
up to 12 payments
. Payment: cash, checks, cards, bank transfers.

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There is a possibility of obtaining a subsidy. The program is designed for 13-14 months, incl. it will take you a little over a year to become a competitive professional.

The Full Stack Java Development course is balanced and well thought out. Despite the fact that students master a colossal amount of material, they do not even need basic knowledge and special training to start their studies. They get everything they need on the BASIC PROGRAMMING module, which gives  representation of what programming really is. This is followed by modules that provide in-depth, specialized knowledge.

Java programming language
Java is one of the most widely used programming languages. Recently, Java has reached unprecedented heights of popularity due to the fact that it is also the programming language for Android smartphones.

Java technologies
A block of modern Java technologies, united under the auspices of J2EE. This block is the basis for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and an integral part of telecommunications programs.

web programming
This module will allow you to master the theory and gain practical skills. You can:
learn the most common programming languages for developing Web applications; develop web applications using HTML5.0/CSS3.0, JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS .

Expand your professional horizons and get in-demand,
an interesting specialty with the course "Full Stack Java Development"!

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