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Web Development

The course "Web development" includes all the necessary material for mastering the methods and tools for web development and is intended for students who have successfully completed the Basic Programming course or have programming skills.

Web Development
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Software Development

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120 ac hours, in person

≈4 months

Admission Conditions:
  1. basic English;

  2. basic Hebrew;

  3. programming experience;

  4. interview.

Full cost


1200 / per month*

* - the cost can be broken into up to 5 payments. Payments can be made in cash, checks, cards and bank transfers.

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Development of client applications. 

  • A "client" is a program that runs through a browser on each user's PC. During the course, we will introduce you to one of the most popular languages ​​- JavaScript, which works equally well on all operating systems and mobile platforms 

  • The HTML and CSS block – teaches you the basics of the layout and outline adaptation for various devices and screen sizes, as well as working with website styles and designs.

  • With the development of JavaScript, a complete ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, tools, package managers, and new languages ​​has grown around it. During the course, you will learn the most popular ones in the Israeli labor market — Bootstrap, jQuery, ReactJS, Redux.

Become a front-end developer with the Web Development course!

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