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Java Technologies

The course "Java technologies (Java EE Programming)" is intended for students who have programming skills or have successfully completed the BASIC PROGRAMMING course.

Java Technologies
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Software Development

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280 ac hours, in person

≈6 months

Admission Conditions:
  1. basic English,

  2. basic Hebrew,

  3. programming experience,

  4. interview.

Full cost


1.600 / per month*

* - the cost can be broken into up to 5 payments. Payments can be made in cash, checks, cards and bank transfers.

Admission Conditions

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The course includes the following features:

  • The Java programming language, which is a cross-platform, interpreted, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems Corporation used to create applications that work primarily on the Internet and are characterized by a high level of interactivity. Recently, Java has reached unprecedented heights of popularity due to the fact that it is also the language used in programming for Android mobile phones.

  • A block of modern Java technologies, Java EE, which is a set of specifications for developing and deploying enterprise applications. These specifications define the operation of services, protocols, and APIs for the Java platform (application programming interfaces) and are intended to support Enterprise applications. This block is the basis of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which at the moment is an integral part of programs. Today it’s hard to imagine a successful Java programmer who does not have Java EE technology.

  • A unit for studying the most relevant and wanted libraries and frameworks that allow to optimize and facilitate the work of a programmer, minimizing routine, and asking the project for a framework for further development.

Become a Java Backend Developer with the Java Technologies Course!

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