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QA Automation

The QA Automation course is intended for students with programming skills in JAVA and in manual testing.

QA Automation Tel-Ran Israel
QA Automation
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Software Testing

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100 ac hours, in person

≈3 month

Admission Conditions:
  1. basic English;

  2. basic Hebrew;

  3. programming experience;

  4. interview.

Full cost


840 / per month*

* - the cost can be broken into up to 5 payments. Payments can be made in cash, checks, cards and bank transfers.

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Today, Selenium WebDriver is the most objective choice for automating web applications. This is a cross-browser and cross-platform set of libraries for various programming languages. This course provides an understanding of how to use Selenium as an automated testing tool. The course will teach you to write automated tests for any web application in the most modern and optimal way. The knowledge gained as a result of passing the course is in high demand in the Hi-Tech market.


At the moment, the demand for manual testers is decreasing. They are being replaced by more educated, promising and highly paid employees called QA Automation testers who know Java and are able to combine 2 positions at once.

Get super in demand  front end  developer with the course "Web Development"!

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